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January 26, 2010


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cheap pet insurance

clicked! i am liking what animal rescue site is doing.

Jan Clizer

amazing to be able to be of some use with just a few mouse clicks! Very enjoyable site, by the way!

lady thinker

I clicked and will email link on to family and other animal lovers.

Lord Farr-Kernukkel

'Unabashed'animal lover is a little strong for my liking - it's just that I much prefer the company of humans to animals. Most humans do not wander around my estate defacating; sadly, cats and dogs would AND not clear up after themselves. As they are meat-eating animals, can you for one moment imagine the risk of an e-coli outbreak sitting on your croquet lawn just waiting to happen? Nonetheless, you have moved me enough to click twice on THAT website, thus providing the magnificent total of 1.2 free bowls of food for some abandoned mutt - I hope you're satisfied! Pip, pip!

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