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April 27, 2008


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Amy Wang

Yeah, I never really got into the whole Russel Brand thing, but there are some way better looking pictures of David Tennant. I guess it's more of a stereotype about British men rather than anything else, but have you ever seen anyone apart from Russel Brand with that kind of hair...? David Tennant - amazing actor in Doctor Who, very easy to like and don't really mind the gravity-defying hair :)


As a british male... I nust point out that I've never used hair gel, cream, wax, glue, whatever. Mud, maybe, but that's a different story.
Yes, there's a niche market of gel users. Most of us don't.


Not into the Russell Brand look, but I guess you have to be British to appreciate the male hair gel thing. I think David Tennant looks cute and for a real hottie try Richard Hammond from 'Top Gear'.


Funny! When I was living over there all the blokes had 'Ceasars' and now they all look like they've been assaulted with a lawnmower.

Does David Tenant only have the one facial expression?!


I never have got the David Tennant obsession and that picture just confirms my good taste...LMAO

I know what you mean about Brit' men, they try to hard with their hair, often in an attempt to draw the eye away from their bad teeth, man-boobs or beer bellies!

Almost American

Russell Brand? Never heard of him. Definitely NOT hot if that photo is typical of the way he looks.

David Tennant - cute in a strange sort of way. Don't mind the gravity defying hair so much. At least it looks deliberate unlike Brand's rat's nest that just appears to have been neglected, but every time I see him now I think of someone's comment (a blogger?) about him looking like a startled scrawny rabbit (or something along those lines.) DH can't look at him without thinking of Barty Crouch.


Mind you, over here we have the likes of Ryan Seacrest (the American Idol host) who has his hair gelled to within an inch of its life, only its a short hair cut. And don't forget we now have Beckham, who changes his hair style more than his wife!

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